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Hey guys! I'm currently bored out of my mind and drawing like crazy to pass the time, so I'm opening up commissions!!

Skull Bullet by Gasara WHAT I'M OFFERING Skull Bullet by Gasara

:bulletred: So for starters to see how things go for now (and seeing as it's something I tend to draw the most), I'll be offering mid thigh to waist up transparent PNGs, as pictured below. :)

mm watcha saaay by malibu-hyungbig buff cheeto pufffff by malibu-hyungouchhh by malibu-hyungspace grrrl by malibu-hyung

^^although the sizes of the above deviations vary slightly, I will be using the first deviation as a standard for sizing^^

:bulletorange: 3 Commission Slots will be available (for now!)

:bulletyellow: As well as full-coloured PNGs, I will also draw non-transparent linework and sketch commissions:-

mm watcha saaay by malibu-hyungLinework Example by malibu-hyungSketch Example by malibu-hyung

Skull Bullet by Gasara WHAT I'LL DRAW Skull Bullet by Gasara

:bulletred: Characters of any gender, race, weight etc
:bulletorange: Characters of teenage age and up
:bulletyellow: OCs, Canon characters are all good :)
:bulletgreen: Nudity
Real people- as in, like, you or your family members - 

Skull Bullet by Gasara WHAT I WON'T DRAW Skull Bullet by Gasara

:bulletred: Anthropomorphic characters (maybe in the future, but right now I'm not sure I could do them any justice!) Characters with like tails/ears are fine etc but characters that are more animal with human characteristics, nahh
:bulletorange: Characters below teenage age (idk for the same reason as above, not sure I could pull it off very well!)
:bulletyellow: Characters portraying/condoning anything hateful- transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, ableism, anything of that nature
:bulletgreen: Real people- as in, like, you or your family members -unless you are absolutely and totally ok with them being portrayed in my style. I don't want to make things messy and offend anyone haha

Skull Bullet by Gasara PRICES Skull Bullet by Gasara

:bulletred: Full colour, transparent PNG:- £20

:bulletorange: Non-transparent Linework piece:- £15

:bulletyellow: Non-transparent Sketch:- £12

Skull Bullet by Gasara PAYMENT METHOD Skull Bullet by Gasara

I will be using Paypal to accept commissions, via the 'Paying for goods and services' option :)

(This tumblr post explains how to make that payment )

Skull Bullet by Gasara MORE INFO Skull Bullet by Gasara

:bulletred: PLEASE provide a visual reference to any character you want me to draw- I want to be sure that I can get everything as accurate as possible for you! Specify what kind of expression you want them to have, what kind of pose etc. Emphasis on anything special you'd like me to remember wouldn't go amiss either c:

:bulletorange: You can contact me with this information via the note system or email, at

:bulletyellow: The final piece will be sent to you in return as an image attachment via email from that same account to your email address

:bulletgreen: I will start working on the commission after I have confirmed the information about the character you've requested and after payment

:bulletblue: Please allow 5 working days for me to finish your piece, although of course if I am able to finish it earlier than that I'll send it to you as soon as possible c:

:bulletpurple: I can also y'know, not make the final PNG transparent if you would prefer the plain white background, just let me know!

:bulletpink: Unless you would prefer I didn't, I will upload the final piece to my gallery after you recieve your art and are happy with it. You can upload your commission anywhere of course, but please credit me!

If you have any more questions, please comment or send me note! But yeah, thank youuuu guys :D
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malibu-hyung's Profile Picture
Skull Bullet by Gasara heyy my name is erin but people on the webs have been calling ez or ezzy for years
Skull Bullet by Gasara i study BA Japanese at SOAS, currently living in Japan
Skull Bullet by Gasara i like goth things, anime things, lots of things!!
Skull Bullet by Gasara currently i am not open for requests, art trades or commissions, but maybe in the future!

If you have any questions/wanna talk or whatever, i'm pretty much always on my tumblr, so come visit if you feel like it!

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